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Here’s your chance to win a free copy of my upcoming novel Swans & Klons on Goodreads!

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In other news, I’ll be at the Rainbow Book Fair in NYC this Saturday (April 13th.) I’ve been attending this event for a few years, and I always have a great time because there are so many tables with great books and free swag, and the reading series is also very diverse and interesting. It’s at a new location this year, the Holiday Inn on W. 57th Street, and I’m curious what that will be like. I will be at the Bold Strokes Books table from noon to 1pm, so if you want to drop by and say hello, don’t be shy.

I’ve been enjoying Gizoogle–a parody search engine that translates web pages into exaggerated thuggy slang. (If that doesn’t make sense, just go try it. But a warning!: There is bad language, so don’t do this if you’re too young to look at the F-word.) Because search engines make everyone monumentally self-involved (or is it just me?), I most enjoy Gizoogling myself and my books. For example, my Gizoogled FAQ web page says,

Q. Nora, what tha f*** is yo’ book Da End about?

A. Julia n’ her playaz grill tha unthinkable, a ghetto destroyed by nuclear war.  These five queer teens bust magical amulets ta travel all up in time, desperately tryin ta save humanitizzle from total destruction.

Q fo’ realz. Is you available fo’ readings n’ school visits?

A. Why, yes muthaf****! I be also aiiight ta conduct freestylin workshops or hook up wit yo’ school’s Gay-Straight Alliance. If yo ass is horny bout havin me do a school visit or reading, just drop a note at Contact Me.

Q. Can I gots a review copy of yo’ book?

A fo’ realz. Absolutely, if you gotz a funky-ass B-ta-tha-L-O-Gizzay or other venue where you wanna ta post yo’ honest opinion of tha book.

Q. Do you have any cats?

A. Yes, mah hoe n’ I have two cats, n’ you can put dat on yo’ toast. Look at how tha f*** thugged-out they is biaaatch! I be a gangsta yo, but y’all knew dat n’ mah babies!

It’s true, my cats are a little thugged-out.


I don’t think anyone on earth talks like Gizoogle except Snoop Dogg so my initial reaction was that Gizoogle is not offensive. But, eh, now I’m feeling a little uneasy. What do you think? Is Gizoogle racist? Is this funny or not? I need to know your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Swans & Klons giveaway

  1. Kurt says:

    Gizoogle is racist because it appropriates and mocks AAVE (African American Vernacular English). People and communities who predominantly use AAVE are railed against for their ‘improper english’. They’re seen as unintelligent to the point where some asshole decides to make a translator for the way they speak just so others can mock their dialect.

    AAVE has a rich history. Gizoogle disrespects that history and the people that still use it.

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